Insurance & Payment

Insurance and Payment Options


Dental Insurance is not really insurance at all. What does it insure against??? What you have is a BENEFIT PLAN, financial assistance in a time of need. Therefore, do not rely on these plans to determine you treatment, use them to aid you getting the dental treatment. Remember, these companies do not know you or your oral condition, whether it be healthy or not. AND THEY DON'T CARE. The dentist recommends dental treatment, if you value the treatment, then have it completed with the help of your benefit plan.
Insurance and payment
Two types of Benefit Plans exist in todays Dental arena. Contracted and Non-contracted.

Contracted: AKA: PPO-assigned: These Plans make a deal with a dentist(a contract) to provide patients to the office in exchange for reduced fees, limited treatment options. These plans tell you where to go, or you will have to pay more. These companies want you to assume all dental work is the same no matter who performs it. IS IT??? (men, are all cars the same? ladies, are all shoes the same?). If the dentist charges $100 for a filling to non contracted patient, and only $50 to a contracted patient, who will get the better filling?? Choose you own dentist based on reputation, and referrals from family, friends and neighbors.

Non-contracted: AKA: PPO non assigned: These plans allow the patient freedom in choosing the best dentist for them and their family, and do not put restrictions on treatment.

We accept most Benefit plans and will file treatment to any Benefit company. Please call if you have any questions regarding your policy. We do not file to Medicare, or health ease programs.

Payment Options

We accept Mastercard, Visa, and Discover, bank cards and personal checks. 
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As a courtesy to our patients, so they may complete needed treatment in a timely manner, we have arranged payment options with Care Credit. You can visit them at: .
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